Welcome to TOM Capital

TOM Capital is a Canadian, independent, entrepreneurial equity investment and management firm with offices in Calgary, Alberta and Auckland, New Zealand.

Established in 1995, our experience, management team, and network of industry contacts allow us to originate and participate in transactions, and help to grow companies to provide extraordinary returns. More than just providers of capital, we are proactive in deal generation, structuring of transactions, and have a unique approach to enabling investee companies to execute their business plans.

While it might be convenient to call ourselves a “private equity” firm, we have to qualify that label because the money we invest belongs to our active principals and we think in terms of growing businesses over the long term, which is a big difference from most such firms.

Our team consists of a number of financial and legal professionals, each one with unique skills and experiences and a common commitment to assist our portfolio companies to achieve success. An active entrepreneurial organization, we are independent of any one financial institution and are focused entirely on providing capital and growing businesses.

TOM Capital provides agile capital solutions to growing businesses. Post-transaction, TOM provides “inside outsource” solutions on a shared basis to allow management to vigilantly focus on their core business models.

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